A list of Internet Resources to support Grade 3 Student Learning at IST. Click on the links below.

Student Email
ePals – Secure online email system for IST students


How to do Research
Kentucky Virtual Library – Information on how to conduct reserach

(IST user name and password required)
Ebsco – Access newspapers, magazines, country info, primary sources and much much more

Online Encyclopedias
(IST user name and password required)
Grolier Online – Online encyclopedia
Encyclopædia Britannica – Online School Edition

Student Internet Search Engines

Ask Kids! – Students can research information by asking questions
KidRex – Safe Internet search for kids, by kids
GoGooligans – Safe advanced search for kids
KidsClick! – Search engine for kids created by librarians
QuinteraKids – Visual search engine for kids

Student Internet Search PICTURES

Flickr Storm – Search high quality images from Flickr


Raz-Kids! – Interactive eBooks For Students
StarFall Reading Pactice – A Fun Way to Practice Reading Online
Book Adventure – A free reading motivation program for kids


Fact Monster Writing – A resource page to help with all kinds of writing
My StoryMaker – Create your own story online
Wordle – Get creative, make interesting word clouds
Tagul – Get even more creative, make shape word clouds
WriteSource – Get some extra help with your writing


Poetry For Kids – Different types of poems to try at school and home


Similar and Opposite – Match words with like meanings
Vocabulary Games – Fun way to build vocabulary skills

Grammar and Spelling

Spelling City – A fun way to learn how to spell your own spelling words!
Look Cover Write and Check – Interactive spelling game
Homophone Game – Same sound different spelling – you decide!

Possessive Nouns

Possessive Noun Play – Play against a friend using possessive nouns
Exploring for Possessives – Explore using possessive nouns
Spelling City – Possessive Nouns – practice spelling possessive nouns
Possessive Noun Quiz – Test your knowledge possessive nouns


BBC Dance Mat Typing – Practice your typing at school and at home

Typing Games

Super Hyper Spider Typer – Practice typing and save Berry the hairy spider!
HomeKey Kennys – A fun way to practice the home keys
Typing Monster! – Type! don’t make any mistakes or else…
Typing Tidepool – Race against others typing words correctly
Typing of the Ghosts – Type to defend against ghosts
TypeRacer – Practice typing while racing your friends

Typing Tests

TypingTest – Test your typing skills!


Everyday Math Games online – use your username and password to log in and have fun!

World Maths Day!!!– Login to the official website

Math Dictionary for KIDS! – animated, interactive dictionary for students
MathCats – Math+Cats=MathCats, lots of Math to explore

Place Value

Place Value Games
Manny’s Rumba – place value using base 10 blocks
Place the Penguins – interactive game to learn about place value
Toon University – place value to the thousands place with Duck Von Fly
Place Value Puzzler – Another FunBrain puzzle on place value
Place Value Pirates – Find Sir Fracis PlaceValue’s treasure
Fruit Shoot – Shoot the correct place value


Visual Fractions – Model fractions with number lines and circles
Jamit Fractions! – Lessons and games for learning fractions
Fraction Games – Online fraction games page
Pizza Party – Choose the fraction of the amount of pizza
VectorKids Fractions – Write in the fraction represented in the picture
Melvin’s Make a Match – Choose the fraction and the matching picture
Fraction Frenzy – Match the equivalent fractions
Matching Fraction Game – Find the matching fractions
Equivalent Fraction Shoot – Click on the equivalent fractions


Zoomable Number Line
Tenths Game
Decimals Detectives
Adding Decimals – The Legend of Dick and Dom
Decimals Fruit Shoot
AAA Math – Lessons and instruction of how to use decimals
Decimals Game for Kids – Order decimals from lowest to highest
Johnnie’s Math Page – Place value and decimals games
Decimal Detectives – Use decimals to find the crooked decimal
Death to Decimals – Help Fraction Man destroy equivalent fractions
Scooter Quest – Place value game with decimals
Place Value Millionaire – Millionaire game with decimals
CyberChase RailRoad Repair – Add decimals to fix the railroad
Decimal Squares – A selection of interactive decimal games


US Money

GameAquarium – some Money Math games
Change Back – play to solve the change back problems from purchases

British Pounds

Change eXchanger – Practice giving change with British Pounds

Telling Time

Stop The Clock! 1 – Telling time by the 1/2 hour
Stop The Clock! 2 – Telling time by 15 minutes
Stop The Clock! 3 – Telling time by 5 minutes
Stop The Clock! 4 – Telling time to the minute
Stop The Clock! 5 – Telling time to the minute (analog to digital)
Stop The Clock! R – Matching time written to the clock face
Practice Telling Time – A working clock that you can play with to practice telling time

Data, Graphing and Probability

Kids’ Zone – Create a graph online
Kid’s AOL Graphs – Learn about different types of graphs
BBC Bitesize – Data handling games
Interpret Bar Graphs – Use graphs to answer questions
Bamzooki – Learn about mean, median, mode, and range
Billy Bug – Guide Billy to the coordinates hiding the grubs

100s Grid

Splat Squares – Practice skip counting and other fun with 100 chart
Dog Bone – Find the bone on the 100 chart

Computation Games

Arithmetic Challenge! – Race against the clock to advance your computation skills
Math Magicians – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
tutpup – Practice Maths skills with others around the world
BBC KS2 Bitesize – Number games from simple sums to using a calculator

Addition Facts

Dr. Brain’s Robot – Practice your addition facts
Number Attack – Practice your addition facts
Ambleweb Addition Machine – Practice your addition

Subtraction Facts

Ambleweb Subtraction Machine – Practice your subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction – Race others using subtraction

Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Table Applet – Visual multiplication array
Cone Crazy Levels – Practice your multiplication and serve ice cream
Space Race – Practice multiplication and race against your friends
Tug Team Multiplication – Play against others and practice your times tables – Interactive multiplication games
Beat the Clock – Race against the clock to answer as multiplication problems
Math Trainer – Speed tests that will respond to your answers to train your weaknesses
Multiplication Connect Four – Play against the computer to connect four products

Division Facts

Division Derby – Race against others while practicing division facts
Pony Division – An 8 player division game
Drag Race Division – Race your mates using division
Demolition Division – Demolish tanks with division
Division Mine – Use division to help Molly and Max

Sum Sense Games

Sum Sense Addition – Single Digit Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction – Single Digit Subtraction

Speed Grid Games

Speed Grid Addition Level 1 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Addition Level 2 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Addition Level 3 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 1 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 2 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 3 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Multiplication – Practice multiplication against the clock

Number Line Games

Line Jumper – Practice Maths Skills with a Number Line


FunBrain – Practice finding area and perimeter
Cyberchase Poodle Weigh In – Match the weight of each poodle
Cyberchase Pour to Score – Practice using volume
Funbrain Measure It – Practice measuring length


Logo – This is a simplified version of the programming language Logo.
Geoboard – Practice using a Geoboard online
Patch Tool – Use pattern blocks to create shapes

EveryDay Math Resources

Mrs. Gold’s Math – Resource page for EveryDay Math connections

Units of Inquiry

Inside Me: The Human Body

Kids National Geographic – Explore the human body
All Systems Go! – Help rebuild the body systems
How The Body Works! – Learn more about your body
Human Body – Lessons from kids in Colchester, Vermont
Discovery Kids – Learn about your gross and cool body
Kid’s Biology – Learn about the different body systems
Human Body Fast Facts – Information and Links about the body from Kids Connect
The Circulatory System – Body system information for kids
Respiratory System – The basics about the respiratory system
Your Heart – Information about the circulatory system
The Human Body Systems – Explore the different body systems



Clay Piggy – A safe place where you have fun learning basic money management skills and the concepts of earning, spending, saving, investing and giving in a fun and social way.

The Bakery Shop – Operate your own bakery and learn about supply and demand.
Coffee Shop – Purchase supplies, set your price and start selling! – it isn’t easy to make a profit.
Lemonade Stand -Work to make money buying supplies and selling lemonade.
Mad Money – Making and Spending money game – Operating a budget.

News Articles
Air in a Can? Seriously? – Would you pay for a can filled with air? Some people are…
Home Shelter Construction Boom – Storms in the USA have created a need for shelters
Kids Establish Own Bank – Enterprising young people in India are helping more than 9000 homeless people
Law Aims to Curb School’s Diet for Bake Sales – Law passed to combat obesity in schools
Kids Feel Effect of Cash Crisis – How the world cash crisis effected everyone

Last Chance To See

Google Custom Search – ‘last chance to see’ search
FactMonster – search for information
BBC WildLifeFinder – explore life on Earth
WWF Species Index – Learn how animals are being protected by the World WildLife Fund


Heroes – IST Grade 3 Unit of Inquiry Website

Hero Factory – create your own superhero
My Hero – tell the world about your hero
Heroism in Action – Lear how you can be a hero

Cold and Here, Hot and Gone

States of Matter
BrainPop – Changing states of matter activities
TLC Science Projects for Kids – Explore the different states of matter
HMH States of Matter – Online investigation of the different states of matter
Science Kids – Games for kids: Solids, Liquids and Gases
Harcourt School – Hotplate heating experiment
Study Jams – Learn more about solids, liquids and gases

Water Cycle
Environmental Ed. for Kids – Water wonders, the water cycle
EPA – Interactive water cycle exploration
Woodland Jr. School – Water cycle information
EarthGuide – Water cycle interactive diagram
Southeast Water – Interactive read along about the water cycle
CricketWeb – Water cycle demonstrations
Scholastic Study Jams – Water Cycle Video, Activities and Quiz
Water Footprint Calculator – How much water does it take to produce everything you consume?

Water Cycle Webquest
Water In Our World – Interactive explore of the water cycle

Weather Information
illiniweather – Loads of weather links for kids to explore
WeatherWizKids – Explore the fascinating world of weather

Is Seeing Believing

Admongo – A fun way to learn about advertising
MediaSmart – Play games and learn about advertising
MediaSmart Amazing Ad Maker – Create your own advertisement
Coco Crunch – media awareness game
PBS Kids – Don’t Buy It! advertising tricks
PBS Kids Internet Safety – Get your Internet driver’s license
Privacy Playground – Learn about marketing ploys and spam
Don’t buy it by  PBS
Selling to Kids Tips by Commonsense Media
Children as Consumers by Global Issues

Jobes Plantastic – Plant watering system advertisement


Biology of Plants – Learn about the interesting life of plants
My First Garden – A guide to gardening for kids


Extinct! Are you smarter than a plant? – learn how plants grow and adapt to their environment
3rd World Farmer – learn about crops, farming and possible hardships people endure in developing parts of the world

News and Current Events for KIDS!

Dogo News – News and current events for kids
Time for Kids – Time Magazine for students
Scholastic News – Online news for students, topics by grade level
Weekly Reader – Weekly news topic, games and activities
National Geographic for Kids! – Videos, Stories and Activities from around the world
Science News For Kids! – Weekly science article, games, activities and more
United Nations Cyber Schoolbus – News and Information about Global Learning Projects
Social Studies for Kids – What’s going on in the world
CBBC Newsround – BBC news for kids!

Drawing and Photo Tools

Sumo Paint – Paint cool pictures online
Picnik – Create, edit and manipulate photos online

Social Studies


Google Scribble Maps – Draw an Google maps

Homework HELP!

Kid’s AOL Homework Help Jr. – Homework resources for kids

Internet Safety

NetSmartz – be safe online with Clicky and the NetSmartz Kids
Kidsmart – helping kids be smart about using the Internet
ATT Safety Land – Internet safety game

Other Resources

BrainPoP Jr. – A fun way to learn with movies, games and activities
Kideos – Videos Online just for Kids
iclanguage – French Online
French – French Vocaburary
French – French is Fun.


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    Hi mrs Mckillip i miss grade 3 already

  2. Jescah says:

    I am in grade 3r miss Rorey’s class here at I.S.T.
    I am about to finish my level in Raz-Kids.
    I love these games!


  3. simon says:

    hi miss heitmiller I got on level k on raz-kids.

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    Hi Guys! It’s me Henry from grade 2. I am now in
    Grade 4 because I was promoted higher.

  5. Danni says:

    These games are super duper fun!!!!!!!!

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    I love the game co-co crunch it’s fun You can make your own city.

  7. Iman the Rock Queen :D says:

    Hi Ms Tima,

    I really liked the Planet Power Blast Off game it was super dooper frooper looper cooooooooooooool!!!
    I won it and got a certificate!

    your dearest freindly caring student – Iman

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    Dear Ms,McKillip

    I won on Fruit Shoot it is so cool

  9. aliyah says:

    Hi ms. heitmiller,
    I love the games on the website and wanted to tell you that super hyper spider typer is the best!

  10. malise says:

    Hi Mrs McKillip – I love Super Hyper Spider Typer!

  11. mehaar says:

    hello ms.hietmiller,
    can you tell me where you transfer all these games fromthese games are so cool and fun to play with thank you.

  12. Rahel says:

    Hi Mrs. Mckillip,
    Thank you for the new games.

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    Hello Mrs. Mckillip,
    I love playing the games of place value!
    Thank you to Mr. Mckillip for putting those games on our site.

  14. muskan says:

    Hi Ms Tima,
    I won the Pyramid Blast Off game!

  15. mehaar says:

    Hello Ms. Hietmiller
    I won the Pyramid Blastoff game and got a certificate. That game is so awesome.


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    Hello Mrs.Mckillip, I love the Super Hyper Spider Typer it is so fantastic!


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    Hi Mrs. McKillip,
    I won on Pyramid Blastoff and I went to Planet Power! I got a certificate!


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