Last Chance To See


The Grade 3 students have recently completed their first Unit of Inquiry, entitled “Last Chance to See“. Each class focused on a different endangered sea creature, as we looked at our central idea:
“Humans have an impact on the environment and this affects other species.”

During the unit, we asked the following questions:

  • How do people’s actions change the environment?
  • How do people’s actions impact  wildlife?
  • How are species connected?
  • Do we have a responsibility to the environment?

Students then put their knowledge to use and created posters using the application Comic Life that provided details on their endangered animal, and the impact humans have on these animals and the environment.

Following are examples from each Grade 3 class:

Oona's Whale Poster - Grade 3L

Malise's Manatee Poster - Grade 3MCK

Mariana's Dolpin Poster - Grade 3N

James' Sea Dragon Poster - Grade 3H

Tamira's Whale Poster - Grade 3MCA