Step Up To The Plate With… My Plate


Grade 3 is starting the year with the PYP unit Step Up To The Plate. The central idea is that practicing good hygiene and fitness, and eating well are important for good physical and mental health.

One of the new concepts we are teaching this year is called My Plate, which is a new take on the food pyramid. The new concept uses a plate as a representation of the amounts and percentages of food in each category that we should be eating. As a teacher, I think the My Plate way of thinking is way easier for not only kids, but adults too. More information can be found on the website

As you can see from the plate above, students and adults should be having a meal plate (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) that has about 50% fruit and vegetables, 30% grains and 20% proteins, with some dairy on the side. We will be discussing this more in detail the next few weeks and be talking about making healthy food choices. Please stay tuned for nutrition and fitness advice.