Reading Word Strategy: Chunky Monkey


Hello Families! This is the first blog post specifically related to reading strategies. The idea is for us to work together and use the same language at school and home so there is consistency within reading practice.

First, there are two main parts of reading we will be discussing this year:

  • Fluency, which is the ability to read words accurately. It also includes reading with longer phrasing, following the reading rules for different punctuation and having good expression.
  • Comprehension, which is understanding, thinking about, learning from and making connections to the text.

Here is the first reading tip for you. When you are at home and the student does not know a word say “use chunky monkey.” This is a reading strategy where the student looks for a word “chunk” that they know and use that to determine the word. They can also use word parts (prefixes and suffixes) that they recognize to figure out the word.

For example, if the word is awareness, they would look to see if they recognize aware and then ness and then put them together.

Don’t let the child guess at the word and move on. If it is difficult for them, have them use “chunky monkey!”


Independent Online Reading Resource


Dear Third Grade Parents,

We’re happy to inform you that your student has access to hundreds of eBooks using the school’s subscription to Children can read and listen to books on Raz-Kids and even record themselves reading. Afterwards they can take a quiz to check for comprehension.

To access your child’s assignment, log in at the corresponding classroom page using the information in your child’s link book.

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Monitor your student’s progress:

See which books your student has been reading, send them messages, and review all their activity with our Parent Access area. Simply log in as your student, click the “Parents” link in the top right, and register today.

Kind regards,

The Third Grade Team