Poetry: Cinquain


As we continue with our poetry unit, I wanted to share a fun type of poem and some resources for understanding and practicing it!

Cinquain (sin-kane) is a funny looking and sounding word, but it is a lovely form of poetry. The students in 3R spent time examining, discussing and creating cinquains and they could not get enough! The laughter and enthusiasm spilling out of them was contagious and they came up with some wonderful poems.

A cinquain is a 5-line poem and there are many varieties within those 5-lines. Take a look at some examples here. At IST, we are using the following structure:

  • noun (1 word)
  • describing words and adjectives (2 words)
  • -ing words in a list separated with commas (3 words)
  • a 4 word phrase or sentence (4 words)
  • a synonym for the first word (1 word)

If you want to give it a try, you can use this link for an online cinquain generator. It is simple and fun so why don’t you give it a try!


Writing Wednesdays: Alliteration


This week we are learning about a tool that writers use to make their stories or poems more interesting: alliteration. This literary device, or tool, is when the writer uses the same beginning sound multiple times within the same sentence. Check out the video to learn more and see some great examples.

You can also find some creative and interesting examples on this website. Some are even examples from businesses so if you have not found a name for your business, give this strategy a try.

And for a bonus, who notices anything about the title of this post? Write a comment and share it.

Story Starters


Our first writing focus of the year is narrative. Here is useful site the students can use to generate ideas for some fictional narrative writing. We have been focussing on the basic structure with a beginning, middle and ending. We have also begun to look at the writing process which involves; planning/pre-writing, drafting, revising/editing and publishing.

This website will generate some great ideas to get that creative energy flowing.